French newspaper reports on the #Macabre killings in Bali! The report says that 1kg of #Sarin can kill 1Million people so the whole of Bali may need to be #Evacuated. Who gave orders for #Chemical weapons to be used on Ambazonians?

Horror Scenes, stunning images of indescribable barbarism. On the first picture, about corpses of young people lying on the floor. On the second, burned bodies, reduced to ashes. According to consistent testimonies, this is the work of the cameroonian army. The scene took place in Bali, a locality where cameroonian soldiers just published selfies in the middle of the pile of corpses, in the northwest region where the war reached its peak.

After shooting these young people suspected of being a ambazoniens fighter, the soldiers of the cameroonian army made a decision to incinerate the corpses in order to conceal several evidence. No bullet holes on the bodies. The Cameroonian Army would have used nerve chemical weapons, including sarin gas. Colourless, it’s a more powerful poison than cyanide, which kills in less than ten minutes, which has sometimes been used in the attacks.

On several occasions, the cameroonian army has been accused of abuses, summary executions and the use of non-conventional weapons by several ngos and the international community. We remember the odious execution of two moms, one wearing her baby on the back, and the other one dragging a child by hand.

After denying that it was not the elements of the cameroonian army, two soldiers were identified as corporal barnabas donossou gorvo and tchotcho cyriaque bityala. The Minister of communication and spokesman of the government issa tchiroma, and Colonel Didier Bandjeck, chief of the army communication, who swore that it was fake news, had returned their language to assert that the guilty had been put To be brought before the military court.

The two individuals are terrorist forces of the Cameroon air force who terrorized the northern region with a squad of accomplices under the command of the senior military officers and Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo. So far none has been convicted or even tried. Nobody knows if they’re even in jail.

The Cameroonian Army continues to kill at random, with impunity, filming with bodies like vampires. Now she’s using chemical weapons to inciner the bodies. We need an independent commission of inquiry to determine that weapon that kills without penetrating the bodies. And if it is confirmed that it is of a chemical nature, it would be necessary to evacuate all populations in these areas because, one kilogram of sarin can kill a million people!



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