A Serious Warning to Business Owners

Over the past 19 years, I have worked with thousands of business owners in Africa, Canada and the United States. I foresee serious financial adversity looming for many entrepreneurs in the coming years, and perhaps a lot sooner than we may think. And before you conclude that this is mere speculation, let me share some reasons for my concern, and then allow me to offer you a solution.

On a macro level, we all know that the dollar's purchasing power has declined. The "world's reserve currency" is in trouble. America slips further into debt. Since the end of the gold standard in 1971, this has escalated. With cheap labor rarely available in India and China and a huge influx of new immigrants into the US and Canada, with the Canadian economy heavily dependent on the US, plus the massive housing bubble, the future is scary for thinking people. Peoples' savings are worth less and less. It is said that the average American retires with under $ 30,000 in net worth. Baby Boomer entrepreneurs can't sell their businesses for what they're really worth. Terrorism is not going to go away, whether the Republicans remain in office or not, believe you me. One serious bioterrorism attack in the US will have a dramatic economic effect. Tough economic times are looming. A massive wave of inflation could be triggered in North America when other countries start to panic and cause a domino effect. The dyke is beginning to leak.

"In Brazil, between 1992 and 1994, the currency went to zero. Between 1994 and 1995 the Mexican Peso dropped by 50%. In 1996 the Yen dropped 24%. In 1997 the South East Asian currencies dropped dramatically. In 1998 the Ruble dropped 70%. " Paul van Eeden, Investment Analyst, Editor. It can happen to us.

But here's the real story: most business owners have all their eggs in one basket. Most are in debt and highly leveraged. Many are not keeping up to date with world events. They don't understand the real dangers of terrorism, foreign skills and products and inflation. Our society becomes increasingly litigious. Unions, especially in Canada, are turning employees into an increasingly risky proposition. Many business owners are nothing but self-employed salespeople. When they don't work for any amount of time, they will lose their businesses. The housing bubble, alone, could cause massive change. We get so busy paying the bills, meeting payroll and staying ahead of the local competition, that we don't see that we're heading, Titanic like, for a large iceberg. How many times have we seen a business owner go bankrupt because of one event, like a divorce, military service, a big box retailer entering the local market, a lawsuit or an act of God? We see what happened with Katrina, 911 and outsourcing. We're at risk.

There is some good news to report. There is a way to spread your risk across a variety of different business types, creating multiple streams of increasing, passive income. There is a way to reduce your overhead or even completely remove it, thus radically decreasing the amount of cashflow you require to survive and prosper. There is a way to operate without employees, leases, risk and pressure. And you can spend a lot less time on creating wealth than you currently do. And there is a proven way to leverage and duplicate you efforts and to use other peoples' time, money, resources, skills and distribution. You can earn 100% profit, as well – and no conventional, risky, limited business enjoys a 100% margin. In order to enjoy unlimited earning potential in a fraction of the time you currently spend making a living, you might simply consider the fact that 20% of the income of the Fortune 500 and International 2000 companies comes from Joint Ventures, and that a full 50 % of these Joint Ventures are done with the competition! The solution to success, security, stability and wealth is Joint Ventures.

No matter whether you have a business or not, and regardless of your background, age or training, you can use Joint Ventures to create wealth fast, with no money or risk. I have done this for 19 years. It is the ultimate business option with no capital investment required. That's why I don't own a conventional business. If you gave me one, I'd give it right back to you or close it down immediately.

You don't have to be at risk. You can radically increase your wealth and remove barriers. Forewarned is forearmed. The fire alarms are ringing. Do you hear them?

Source by Robin J. Elliott

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