A Letter to his Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi By Boh Herbert

Your Eminence,

At great risk for your own safety, you have stood with and worked for the poor, the wretched and the downtrodden of the Cameroons all your life. You have loved them and, I believe, they have loved you back.

You have stood for justice, speaking truth to power even when no one else had the courage to do so. Thank you!

I was privileged once to share lunch with you at the residence of the late William Tallah at Bastos after you came back from meeting with Dictator Biya. You inspired me then. You inspire me now. I had a chance to review your fabulous book in which you raise the grievances and injustice that is at the root cause of today’s crisis and the truth remains that Ambazonians reject the assimilation you were told needed to happen in the Cameroons by a French officer. You have repeatedly said, including in a long interview with me, that you are a pastor, not a politician. You have long committed to sticking with the role of pastor.

Please, do not allow your name to be soiled by this condemned-to-fail All Anglophone Conference. Your people are Ambazonians; not Anglophones. They want control of their destiny; not some room sharing arrangement with colonialists. Your sheep, my dear pastor, is headed in a direction implement opposite to the one Dr. Simon Munzu and the CPDM mafia with which he deals are dragging you.

Peace and justice in the Cameroons is no longer about our people begging anyone to hear our cry. It is about us obtaining what belongs to us as a birthright. No level of mediation or negotiation – unless it recognizes our nation – will stop our march to Buea.

Your Eminence,

A free Ambazonia is not an option. It is the only option. Ambazonians shall live free or die. Please don’t resist the CPDM bandits all your life only to get entangled in their witchcraft in the wisest years of your life.

We are praying for you!

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)

Spokesperson, MoRISC

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